Washington Union Station Boarding Procedure

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Re: bording process at Washington Union Station

Post by STrRedWolf » Wed Dec 12, 2018 8:26 pm

jp1822 wrote:I also agree. For intermediate stations on the NEC, particularly Philadelphia, Baltimore etc., just post the track number (or stairway number - whatever) and get the people on the platform as soon as they can. You are still waiting for the train down on the platform if boarding at Philadelphia 30th Street Station anyway. Open up both sides - stairway and escalator. The gate dragon just has to turn the escalator in the right direction!
They don't even bother with that in Baltimore (gate dragons? Whatcha talkin' 'bout, hon?). There's only four gates available (C, D, E, F). Gates C and F have the elevators. Gate F has the escalator, and it's always going up. But in a way, it makes sense, because Amtrak runs through trains on tracks 6 and 7, accessible on gates E and F. That's all the Amtrak trains and the MARC 500 series. Gates C and D are for 400/600 series MARC trains, and the 400's are usually turning. Conductors are the main people making sure nobody's come down before their time... and they're usually waiting on the stairs.
"The last and final stop is BALTIMORE PENN STATION." I can has MARC V?

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