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Re: MTH HO Little Joe

Post by byte » Tue Jan 18, 2011 5:39 pm

ApproachMedium wrote:Why didn't you get one that's just the dcc ready model?
MTH doesn't produce a full-functioned DCC variant of this model. The only model produced is full-functioned in DCS, read-only in DCC (except addresses, which you can change) and can operate on DC in a somewhat limited fashion.

superior1980, I would guess that either your DCC system isn't cooperating with the locomotive, or you just flat out got a "lemon" of an engine. See if you can run it on another layout, and if the problems persist, consider contacting MTH about the issues. Lots of model locomotives produced these days have very little electrical simplicity (as compared to a standard Athearn unit of twenty years ago) and it's your right and responsibility as a consumer to contact the maker of a defective product to get it corrected.

Also, I got some photos of my Joe the other day: ... 367265495/
That old car might be worth money!

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Re: MTH HO Little Joe

Post by ApproachMedium » Tue Jan 18, 2011 6:08 pm

Ahh too bad no DC only/DCC ready model available. I love the old electrics and this would be cool to add to the collection, but the price however doesnt justify it. Esp after hearing all the issues people are having.
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Re: MTH HO Little Joe

Post by dinwitty » Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:14 pm

found old thread and I'm responding. I got a first hand look at the MTH Joe at my LHS, ran thru its features, I went ..NOoooopers. It rumbled like a diesel. Wrong. It's porch is hinged, not the pilot trucks. the prototype isnt, the whole truck assembly is one unit, MTH cheated to get around sharp curves, like they did on the 4-12-2. You don't run your engines flipping the pantagraphs. Not even switching. After seeing this engine I turned around and bought 2 brass ones, I already owned the NWSL, now I have the ALCO and Overland great detail on that one. I can kick cars using Kadee's delay biz. Buhbye MTH, zero ownership of any MTH.

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