Need advice on the Roundhouse/MDC RS-3

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Need advice on the Roundhouse/MDC RS-3

Post by NYC-BKO »

I'm looking at getting an MDC RS-3, I found one where the price is right for my budget.
Besides the lack of a headlight which doesn't bother me, what are anyones experience with this loco.
Tuning up tips, etc.


Post by JDFX »

interestingly, just before the old forum went down, there was a very good, extensive discussion on this very model.

I stand behind it as a stable despite the fact that others had made higher priced versions.

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Post by krobar »

I was one of the contributers to the old thread. You won't go wrong with that loco. As long as it's the new, improved drive. It's similar to the P2K-Athearn drive. You would just have to break it in the way you would an Athearn. If it's the old original drive you'll be looking at a slow poke. They crawl even at full throttle. :)


Post by Hostler »

I have one of the first generation MDC RS-3. Actually I like the slow speed since most branch lines aren't maintained for more that 25-35 mph. It is good for yard work and branch line but to slow for a mainline freight run.



Post by NYC-BKO »

While I finally went to order the RS-3, this was from Hobby Circle in Brooklyn,NY :( I would
not recommend them at all. First the original price they advertised was 36.99 what a bargain, then I checked the web site the night before I called and the price was 38.84 still great price listed 6 roadnames, when I called they asked what roadname, I told them, they were sold out, I said it didn't matter then as I was repainting it anyway, ALL SOLD OUT. The website was just updated 2 days prior nothing listed as sold out, but he did say he could special order me one at a considerable higher price tag! Yea right!!!!! I consider this false advertising just to get you to contact them, so I do not recommend them at all. :(

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Post by Otto Vondrak »

NYC-BKO: The model is fine, just your hobby shop stinks.
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