electrical problem with my layout, help!!!

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electrical problem with my layout, help!!!

Post by alco-holic » Sun Apr 04, 2004 12:34 pm

I have a 4X8 layout I keep to let the grandkids run on. I use it very little, and each time they visit, have to clean the track, which is no problem, well the other night we were running and all of a sudden the trains would run a little, and stop, then after afew seconds begin again without any change in throttle setting. Any ideas?


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Electrical Help

Post by jmp883 » Sun Apr 04, 2004 9:08 pm

It could one of several things, all fortunately minor. First off, check the locomotive wheels. They probably need cleaning. My favorite method is to take an old piece of t-shirt, soak it in rubbing alcohol and place over the tracks. Hold the engine with one truck on the cloth and the other truck on the rails, increase the speed with your power pack and the wheels will spin themselves clean. It may take more than one pass the first several times until you get shiny clean wheels.

Next, check all your track joints. Make sure the joiners are tight to each other.

Finally, check the wiring between the power pack and the track and make sure there are no loose connections. You don't state if your layout is wired for single or multiple train operation. If wired for multiple operation it may not hurt to solder each block connection.

These simple steps should improve your layout without giving you any more headaches.


:D Joe P

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