CVT vs. Micro Engineering track

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CVT vs. Micro Engineering track

Post by VCRail »

Thinking about upgrading from Atlas
on a new layout but don't have the
time to handlay Code 70. Given your
druthers, would you go with the CVT
system or ME flex ad turnouts?
Anyone have experience with CVT?[/b]


Post by snowplough »

Depending on my time, I was going to install my first CVT track this coming week, so I can't speak from experience just yet.

However . . . given the fact that CVT is the most realistic track available (see the photos at, and the instructions don't look that difficult, I would definitely go with CVT.

By the way, Central Valley recommends using Barge cement for laying the rail on the ties, but I haven't been able to find it anywhere. Does anyone know where I can get some?




But have you thought about this?

Post by pdt »

Have you taken a look at: Custom Trax seems to have a very nice product (I haven't seen it in person) for a reasonable price. And they can customize your order with whatver color ballast you want.


Post by VCRail »

CustomTrax is charging $22 for a turnout and $10.80 for a three foot section. Unless I do some Enron or Penn Central accounting on my taxes, that's a bit out of reach. Le's see, for three-foot sections Atlas is running about $2.30,CVT $3.75 and MicroEngineering $5. To solve the problem, I'll order the test section kit from CVT and let you know how I do (when my 3-year old is getting my attention like now.)

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