Scratch built locos

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Scratch built locos

Post by krobar »

Hi Everybody, How many of you have scratch built a loco, steam or diesel? I've built 2 over the years. I've built a BLW DRS4415 following an article in Model RRer from the late 60s. I also built a Lima Hamilton LS1200 switcher using the same methods that were used in the BLW constuction. Both are out of sheet styrene, were quite easy to build. In fact I have parts to make another DRS unit, however since Stewart came out with the AS16 it hasn't been on the priority list. I'm still planning on a second Lima though. :)


Post by NYC-BKO »

I never did a complete scratchbuild, but I did a mix partly scratch and partly kitbash of the Penn Central RS-3m 9950. That's as close as I have come. :)


Yes, and I probably will again

Post by pdt »

I built a mining shunter for my Egger-Bahn mining cars once using an N scale F7 for the drivetrain. The rest was scratchbuilt out of styrene. It was a freelanced design and it looked as odd as the Egger-Bahn cars. I enjoyed it and will probably scratchbuild another locomotive one day (else heavily kitbash one). For some reason, rail grinders and the electrics of Texas Utilities have managed to wedge themselves in my mind lately, so I may have to do one of each.

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