Charles Dickens on railroads

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Charles Dickens on railroads

Post by Arborwayfan » Thu Jan 09, 2020 12:06 am

I am reading one of Charles Dickens's short stories, "No. 1 Branchline -- The Signalman". I assign it to my students in a course on disasters and history every couple of years; first they read the story, then they read a research article inspired by the story that tells about Victorian railway signals in Britain, major British accidents, and Dickens's writing about railroads. So what's not to love? It's a ghost story about railroad signals by a great author who survived a major accident and who wrote and edited many stories and articles about railroads. Actually, it's one of several chapters of a larger piece called "Mugby Junction". You can read it here: ... e-592.html. The link takes you to "The Signalman," but you can page back to the earlier Mugby Junction chapters.

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