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Decatur & Eastern

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Thank you to our new member Shortline 614 from the CSX Selling Trackage topic in the relevant forum:
Re: CSX Selling Trackage
New postby Shortline614 » Sun Sep 09, 2018 7:30 pm

CSX has completed their first sale of trackage. The Decatur Subdivision, Danville Secondary, and the Paris Industrial Track are now in the hands of Decatur & Eastern Ilinois Railroad, a WATCO subsidiary." onclick=";return false; ... _illinois/

This is most likely a good thing for CSX, as they no longer have to operate those lines while receiving a majority of interchange traffic from the new railroad. Only wonder what lines will come next.
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Re: Decatur & Eastern

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Some updates on the Decatur & Eastern Illinois. The DREI has received new power in the form of a single SD45 and two SD40s. Additionally, according to a recent STB docket, the WATCO has purchased the Eastern Ilinois Railroad and will be merging it into the DREI hopefully December 1st. ... enDocument
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