CN Hiring Question

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CN Hiring Question

Post by MikeyP » Wed Sep 19, 2018 5:43 pm

Howdy All!

I am wondering if anyone could shed some light on my current situation. I having been applying to CN for going on 2 years now for Signals and Comms apprenticeship. I have made it passed the Physical, drug, and back ground testing and was not offered a job right away. I have been waiting now since May of this year, I now just noticed that a Signals and Comm apprenticeship has opened up on their job board again. Do I have to wait for that hiring process to be over before I would be offered a job? Will I ever be offered a job or has it been to late? My understanding is they will hold onto you for a year? I have tried looking online and I haven't really found anything about the hiring practices of CN. Any foresight or experiences with these situations and their outcome good or bad would be most welcome!


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