What's left of the CNJ?

Discussion of the CNJ (aka the Jersey Central) and predecessors Elizabethtown and Somerville, and Somerville and Easton, for the period 1831 to its inclusion in ConRail in 1976. The historical society site is here: http://www.jcrhs.org/

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Re: What's left of the CNJ?

Post by CNJ Fan 4evr » Tue Mar 31, 2015 2:32 pm

Was at JU in Bethlehem today. Lots of action. Light power set with NS Dash 9W and two CNs came out and parked under the hill to hill bridge on the old CNJ main. Then a NS GP 38-2 came east on the old CNJ main and then went back west. About 90 mins. later another set of light power NS SD70 and C40-8 standard cab came east on CNJ main and coupled to the other three engines. A west bound empty freight came over Reading bridge and into JU. That was a surprise. The Portland job came out and crossed over followed 5 mins. later by the Washington local. Not bad. Only wished the sun had stayed out AND that someone would cut down all the excessive brush along the Lehigh Canal.Even though it hasn't "greened up" yet it is still so thick that you can't see the trains in many spots.

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