N&W U28B, U30Bs that went to Mexico (NdeM)

Discussion related to the Norfolk & Western, up to 1982. Also includes discussion of the Virginian Railway (1959); Wabash; Nickel Plate; Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railway; Akron, Canton & Youngstown Raiload (all 1964); and the Illinois Terminal (1981).
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N&W U28B, U30Bs that went to Mexico (NdeM)

Post by nydepot » Wed May 21, 2008 11:28 am

In 1980-ish, a large group of N&W U28B and U30Bs were sold to the NdeM in Mexico. These include engines in the 8400 and 8500-series.

As a side note, NdeM also got C&O (Chessie) U25B and SCL U25C. I know that all the U25B and U25C engines were shipped to Hornell and overhauled by GE and shipped to Mexico.

With the N&W units, I don't recall seeing all the N&W units in Hornell that NdeM purchased. Some were there and were overhauled and painted but there are many photos in Mexico of black N&W U28/30B's that were simply relettered NdeM and never repainted. It seems to add to my memory of not seeing strings and strings of N&W GE's at Hornell.

Does anyone know if some of the N&W were indeed sent directly to Mexico without stopping at GE Hornell first?



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