Need maps of WM/P&WV Bowest Jct.

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Need maps of WM/P&WV Bowest Jct.

Post by Fanatic5 » Sat Dec 23, 2006 9:14 am

Are there any maps available or information detailing the Western Maryland and Pittsburgh & West Virginia connection at Bowest Jct.? The P&WV came across a large bridge over the river into Connellsville, then passed by the elevated P&LE station toward Bowest, about another 2 miles east. Did the motive power cut off the mainline and drift back down the Bowest siding into the yards? Then, Western Maryland power hooked up with the train (left on the mainline) for the ride east to Cumberland? After walking the trail today, this junction is very hard to imagine.

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Historical Topo Maps

Post by Agent at Clicquot » Tue Jan 16, 2007 11:33 pm

Might these maps be of use?

Uniontown, PA Quad - 15' 1900, 1939 ... &series=15

Connellsville, PA Quad. - 15' - 1902, 1936 ... &series=15

I looked at two maps, but couldn't make much sense of them as I don't know where Bowest was located relative to the extant sprawl.

hope these help,

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Post by scooter3798 » Tue Jan 30, 2007 9:42 pm

I can't really say for sure what went on in the P&WV days, but after the N&W take over the N&W power would normally be left on what ever train it came into town on. This was especially true for the Alpha Jet trains. The N&W power would almost always be left on to Cumberland and sometimes Hagerstown. This was also the same for the unit grain trains that the N&W began to run in the early 70's, this power would stay on the whole way to Hagerstown 99% of the time. Usually the only reason that these trains would stop at Bowest was to change crews and then they would be on the move again. On the other hand WM power would also continue west on most through trains. For the most part the WM power would run west to Rook where it would be swapped out, this did occur during the P&WV years and continued into the N&W era. However later on in the N&W era the WM power began to run further west before being taken off its train. Although often by this point in time the consists on the Alpha Jets would often be a hodge podge of WM and N&W power. Also during the 70's N&W cabooses were required to stay on all Alpha Jet trains due to a union agreement. I am not real sure what went on with trains that had a lot of work in Bowest yard though. From what I have gathered with these trains the power would be swapped out, but this was due to the fact that the entire train would have to be backed into the yard in most cases. Also between the the WM/P&WV/P&LE connection and bowest there was a small yard, Greenwood, that served as the Pennsy interchange yard.

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