Discussion related to the Norfolk & Western, up to 1982. Also includes discussion of the Virginian Railway (1959); Wabash; Nickel Plate; Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railway; Akron, Canton & Youngstown Raiload (all 1964); and the Illinois Terminal (1981).
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Located on the Ft. Wayne Division between Ft. Wayne and Bellevue. Single main track operated by TT, TO's, and ABS Rules.

At Leipsic Jct., the YC Running Track (TT, TO's, No Block) was on the North side of the Main Track, through the Coaling Station, to the East End, a total distance of about 5 miles.

PASSENGER EXTRA 619 EAST (15 car troop train) had orders to use the YC Running Track. It stopped at the Coaling Station and about 3" later it was rear-ended by Train 1st 52 at about 25 mph. Both trains passed Leipsic Jct. within in a few minutes of each other at about 2:10AM. The authority for both trains to use the YC Running Track was on the same Train Order.

There was 1 fatality, 22 injuries, and Eng. #726 and the 6 head cars of 1st 52 were derailed with the rear car of X619 heavily damaged.

The train crew of X619 failed to provide effective flag protection in spite of having a supply of both red and yellow fusees, and the NKP was criticized for allowing 1st 52 to follow the passenger train on the YC Running Track as the NKP rulebook required block protection for following movements of passenger trains.

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