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CSX Engineer 98 wrote:Worchester MA.

Where?!? lol


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Don't get out of Colorado much but...
1. the old Tennessee Pass
2. Moffat Tunnel
3. Utah's Soldier Summit

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In Chicago my favorite places are Pine jct, Canal St, Roosevelt Rd, La grange, Downers Grove, Rondout, Griffith,IN, Hammond Amtrak sta, and my home station of Nothbrook on the MILW north line witch has Metra Amtrak CP and WSOR.


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CP Potter in New Jersey, also Manville NJ
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Tolono Illinois. Plenty of NS action and the CNIC usually won't disapoint either. In a 6 hour period I have seen 18 trains. The traffic keeps a rollin.

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The McDonald's parking lot, overlooking the NBEC yard (Nee CN), and down along the old platform of the old station, all the way to Tim Horton's in Campbellton, New Brunswick.

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The Roosevelt Road overpass just outside downtown Chicago is one of my favorites, especially during rush hour with all of the Metra and Amtrak traffic running in/out of Union Station. I'm also lucky enough to live along UP's Geneva subdivsion, with plenty of freight and Metra action keeping the rails polished along a bustling and vibrant triple-track main. And if I'm in the mood for a little more variety, BNSF's racetrack is about a 20 minute drive away...


my favorite places...NH... MA

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the hoosac tunnel is an awesome place in Ma to railfan.....I will say it is in florida mass. Out of the way .. a tunnel , bridge and grade crossing.. what more can you ask for , lots of places for a railfan to take pictures ...

you can see all this from a nice safe place to watch the trains....i post pics on www.nerail.org under monica and aaron labranche...If you would like to exchange railfanning pics contact me offlist...monicalabranche@comcast.net or my hubby's e-mail is : Aaronlabranche@comcast.net rest of my info is in my profile...

I can talk trains for hours and love to exchange pics and info on railfan spots...in and around mass and nh and maine...

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Anywhere on the DC Metro! :-D

But my favorite photo spot in the system is Grosvenor-Strathemore on the Red Line.


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Tehachapi Loop
Although, sadly. there's not a Tim Horton's for many, many miles. :wink:
CSX Conductor wrote:
CSX Engineer 98 wrote:Worchester MA.
Where?!? lol


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in illinois in georgia in iowa
galesburg 70-140 daily folkston 40-80 dubuque 20
franklin park 100 daily dolton 30-60 clinton 40-80
roundout 30+ valdosta 20-40
dolton 100+ waycross 60-80
momence 30-50 in indiana
east dubuque 30-50
savahna 30-50 porter 40-80
mt. vernon 30+ in flordia
centralia 20-40 baldwin 30
rochelle 50-120 st augustine 20
nelson 40-75
kankakee 30+
streator 40-80
effingham 30-40

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Here are my favorite spots in the Chicago area.
1. Pine Junction (EJ&E/NS/CSX)
2. Blue Island (CSX/IHB/CN/Metra/IAIS)
3. LaGrange junction IHB/CSX
4. Joliet Station (BNSF/Metra/Amtrak/UP/IAIS/CSX)
5. Lockport (BNSF/CN/Amtrak/Metra on weekdays)
6. Rochelle Railroad Park UP/BNSF
7. De Kalb (UP)
8. Dolton (CSX/IHB/UP)
9. Franklin Park (CP/IHB/CN/Metra)
10. Homewood (IC/CN/Metra)

Here are my favorite spots outside of the Chicago area
1. Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin (CP/Amtrak)
2. Ransom, Illinois (BNSF)
3. Galesburg, Illinois (BNSF/Amtrak/huge yard)
4. Kirkwood, Missouri (UP/Amtrak)
5. Janesville, Wisconsin (UP/WSOR yards)

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My four choices:
Here in Fort Lauderdale, the River Walk area by the New River drawbridge
on the Florida East Coast
In the Southeast, Folkston, Georgia, really great spot with everything very
close by, friendly people and loads of trains, CSX and Amtrak.
In the northeast, this is a tough one as there are lots of great places but
probably the one that I have enjoyed a lot every time I go north is the
Amtrak Station at Amsterdam, New York, lots of CSX freight trains and
Amtrak too, a decent place to go with benches etc and facilities too. Nice
spot and food not far away if you need it.
Another great northeast spot is the Voorheesville Diner on Voorheesville
Avenue, food until 2:00 PM or so except Friday until 8:00 PM or so and a
great fish fry on Fridays. Lots of freight trains too.
Noel Weaver
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I have two favorites:

One is where CSX main and West Shore cross Main St. (route 250) in Fairport, NY. There's a lot of traffic (5 trains in 30 minutes this past Sunday). This is where I go if I'm feeling lazy and just want to sit in my truck and listen to the radio or read. I rely on the crossing signals to alert me that something's coming. A lot of railfans congregate here.

My other favorite is MP 359 on the CSX main by (the new) Lyndon Rd. bridge. I get my exercise by walking up and down the canal path while the trains go by. This is also where the West Shore connects with the CSX main.

Fairport is a nice village and a great place to hang out, or get a slice of pizza. Riki's diner is great!

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CP Conpit on the NS Pittsburgh line. The road runs right along the tracks and there is a fair amount of traffic. Look out for the black bear that is seen sometimes in the afternoon. I got a picture of it last Sunday, but it didn't come out to good. He was spooked by a train and took off running before I could get a good shot.

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