under ground rail road Questions.

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under ground rail road Questions.

Post by surbris » Tue Sep 24, 2019 5:17 pm

I'm Surbris from Surbris.com its a think tank for the world.....

we have a project on the books but need some basic info.

first what electric loco would you train geeks (I'm also a geek) recommend i use to hull rock from under ground to the surface...

and what is the max angel any/the loco you recommend work on?

i found a train with a 13 digree incline can i get to 20 digree or even 30 digree angel.... are there types of wheels that make slopes abouve ??? digree work like cogs...

any feed back from you wonderfull people woyuld be great..

as a side not... if i could dig down 7km into the ground and make a 30 foot wide tunnel the preasure at the bottem due to watter would be 1,390,000 psig at 500c

thanks all


D Alex
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Re: under ground rail road Questions.

Post by D Alex » Thu Nov 28, 2019 2:47 pm

Subris, I think you are in the wrong location. You seem to be asking about mining equipment (if I understand your poor English correctly). This is a forum about railroads, not subterranean haulage. I frankly don't know how many degrees any sort of equipment is capable of, but with a rack-and-pinion system, I'm certain a fairly steep slope can be overcome. These units are not standard railroad equipment, though. Also, the term "underground railroad" in the U.S. describes a secret society which helped slaves escape from bondage before and during our Civil War, and has nothing at all to do with railroads.

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