Did the D&H pass West Davenport?

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Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley

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I have the Best book in front of me. The information on the C&CV starts on p. 93.

It says that "men in Cooperstown" organized the C&CV in 1888 because Thomas Cornell was "procrastinating" in extending the U&D west of Bloomville. According to Best, the CC&V "proposed to build a new railroad from Cooperstown Junction .... in an easterly direction along the Charlotte Valley through Davenport Center, Harpersfield, thence to Cooksburg, onetime terminal of the Canajorie & Catskill, and down Catskill Creek to a connection with the West Shore Railroad".

Work on this railroad started after the blizzard of 1888. By 1889, "the track of the new C&CV progressed eastward for only 6 miles to West Davenport, though graders built culverts, fills and rock cuttings up the valley of Charlotte Creek beyond Davenport, well into Harpersfield Township, before the winter of 1889-90 set in".

"Early in February 1890, the C&CV tracklayers reached Davenport Center, while the graders resumed work east of Harpersfield".

Cornell died March 30, 1890, and his nephew Edwin Young became his executor. The Young family's "influence in Cooperstown was undoubtedly what stopped and all further work on the C&CV. The track of the latter ended at Davenport Center and there it remained for many a year."

For several years there was a "Tally Ho" stage between Bloomville and Davenport Center for those who wished to travel from Kingston to Cooperstown.

In March 1899, the U&D began work west of Bloomville. When they reached Davenport Center, "no connection with the C&CV tracks was made, the new line traversing Charlotte Creek on a steel bridge, then following the north bank of the creek to West Davenport where a connection was made with the C&CV, the two roads using a joint station".

It says that passenger service from Cooperstown Junction ceased in 1903, the same year the D&H absorbed the C&CV. Best says the branch was used "for freight only until 1930 when the rails were pulled up".


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This jives with my statement about service running at least until 1923.


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Wow, that's great intel, Ernie. Sounds like some field research will be needed to determine the would-be route of the C&CV. I'll add it to the Unfinished Railroads page with a big '?" marking the location of the route.

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