Narrow gauge railroad under the MA capital?

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Narrow gauge railroad under the MA capital?

Post by RussNelson »

I heard from a co-worker yesterday, who did some work in the basement of the Massachusetts capital building, that there is a narrow gauge railroad in the basement. I expect it's for transporting coal in and ash out, but has anybody heard of this?

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Re: Narrow gauge railroad under the MA capital?

Post by Safetee »

i used to live on the hill and heard all sorts of things about transit and trains but never heard about a narrow gage railway beneath the capital.

however id o know this to be somewhat true. post revolution but before steam, beacon hill where the state house was much taller. which is why it was a great place for signal beacons. in order to create the state house they needed to level the ground. supposedly some of that extra fill was carried on a narrow gage wooden railway ostensibly with horses and or manual laborers and filled in the land between the charles river and charles street. possibly that railway, if it exists under the capital, is a historic artifact of the operation level the peak.

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Re: Narrow gauge railroad under the MA capital?

Post by caduceus »

Charles Bullfinch designed the State House. He used narrow gauge equipment when he leveled the two hills to fill in Back Bay - perhaps similar was done for Beacon Hill and/or building the State House, and it is just a vestige of that?

Edit: Oops...I guess we are saying the same thing :)
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