PA - Clarion-Little Toby Rail Trail, Brockway to Ridgway

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PA - Clarion-Little Toby Rail Trail, Brockway to Ridgway

Post by historicRRfreak » Thu Nov 22, 2007 9:04 am

Has anyone tried the Clarion-Little Toby Rail Trail? It's 18 miles long, extending from Brockway to Ridgway, PA. It follows the old Ridgway & Clearfield branch of the Pennsy. The neatest thing about the trail is that it goes through many lumbering ghost towns from the turn of the 19 to 20th centuries. Starting in Brockway, it goes through the ghost towns of Carrier, Vineyard, Blue Rock (Ellmont), Shorts Mills, Grove (Garocii), Croyland, Carman (where it meets the Clarion River), Mill Haven, and on to Ridgway. There may be other smaller settlements between Carman and Ridgway, but I am not as familiar with that end of the trail. Toby Creek cuts a 500-ft gorge out of the landscape as you travel north along the trail, and around 5 or 6 miles up there's an old swinging bridge that crosses Toby Creek at the old town of Blue Rock (Ellmont). It is quite an enjoyable ride!

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