Trying to locate a bus line from 1953/53

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Trying to locate a bus line from 1953/53

Post by Luigia » Thu Jun 07, 2012 8:45 am

I'm trying to locate a bus line that would have picked me up from Winter St. in Framingham, MA into a parochial school somewhere around Boston in 1952/53. It was not a school bus as there were no children on the bus, I lived next to the Coventry Nursing Home and it would pick up people from there too. I know the old B&W went that way but not sure if it was that one or not, the school must have been very close to a bus stop as the nun walked me to the place the bus picked me up the first few times then I went alone after that. I was only seven years old so I can't remember the name of the school and my records list the school as unkown it is one of those mysteries in life I really want to solve. My sister went to kindergarten at St Stephen but I went on a city bus of some kind into Boston or around Boston to school. Can anyone help me, were there any other more obscure bus lines that had routes from Framingham into Boston in 1952/53 or can anyone remember the Catholic grade schools along any of the bus routes back then? Thank You,

Moderator's Note: While this topic does not specifically relate to a fallen trolley line, although the author mentions the "old B&W" I will allow the topic here. Hopefully someone familiar with the Boston area will be able to provide the poster with the requested information. This forum is for discussion of fallen trolley and interurban lines-my approval of this one topic does NOT infer that bus topics are now permissible in this forum.

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