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General discussion about fallen trolley and interurban lines in North America, past and present.

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Re: Electroliners / Liberty Liners

Post by Respiration » Sun Feb 05, 2012 10:14 pm

I am only 14 and started volunteering at rockhill for 2 years but i love the liner there. we have had it drug out with some work equipment got air and everything. last year we had it run under its own power. Just today before i left me and my dad woke up and began doing some stuff to it. we found the old plastic martini glass's still in it. sad thing is we dont have the battery's anymore so we could not get a complete circuit. you need the battery's to complete the circuit even if they are dead or alive.then all you need to do is push int he contactor and you have power. we had to use car battery's :). we were also having fun with the horn it was like a thuaaaaaaaaaaaa. the liner is my favorite thing at rockhill trolly museum.

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