Memorable (and humorous?) Boston MTA (or MBTA) Graffiti

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Memorable (and humorous?) Boston MTA (or MBTA) Graffiti

Post by MaineCoonCat » Fri Jul 26, 2013 8:36 pm

I remember as a kid in the early 1960's boarding a PCC at "Riverside" with my father on our way to visit my Grandmother who was a patient at the Pratt Diagnostic and seeing clearly written in "magic marker" behind and near the operators position; "Pickpockets are on duty for your convenience"..
Seen behind the motorman on the inside wall of a PCC departing "Riverside" many years ago: "Pickpockets are on duty for your convenience."

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Re: Memorable (and humorous?) Boston MTA (or MBTA) Graffiti

Post by Gerry6309 » Sat Aug 08, 2015 7:13 pm

There was an disqualified operator (TK man) who signed his graffiti "Tombstone"

A TK man served as conductor on second or third cars. The letters T and K were used on the run sheets to designate two (T) or three (K) car trains.

My favorite (on a PCC ca. 1978):

"Recycle the doors
Recycle the keys
Recycle the LRVs"

No. 2

"4th car only"
(max train was 3 cars)

The next stop is Washington. Change for Forest Hills Trains on the Winter St. Platform, and Everett Trains on the Summer St. Platform. This is an Ashmont train, change for Braintree at Columbia.

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