O.R.Cummings' Passing

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O.R.Cummings' Passing

Post by 3rdrail » Fri Mar 22, 2013 9:50 pm

I'm saddened to learn that preeminent traction historian Osmond Richard (O.R.) Cummings has passed away January 15, 2013 in Manchester, NH. O.R. had built up a reputation of extensive and accurate writings of traction publications, particularly those in New England, and was admired at home and internationally as the source for any such information. Right to the end, he followed his traction interest studying and assisting those interested. I had the occasion to meet O.R.at a Boston Trolley Meet of which I am very proud, and have always considered him a personal role model. O.R. had previously been in both the United States Coast Guard and the United States Navy, serving during World War II and the Korean War, respectively, and had been a long time member of the 470 Railroad Club of Portland, Maine and the Boston Street Railway Association. One of his wonderful publications that I highly recommend is the six part series "Streetcars of Boston". I have seen this series on Ebay, selling on a "Buy It Now" for only $9.95 each, which for $60.00 is a virtual encyclopedia of knowledge regarding all the Boston streetcar types up to mail and private cars. His collaboration with Brad Clarke on "Tremont Street Subway- A Century of Public Service" shows his level of reporting to us what was long ago. Our electric vehicle world is sadly diminished greatly by his passing. R.I.P. Mr. Cummings. Your legacy is firmly entrenched.
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