USDOT Awards $186 Million for Midwest High-Speed Rail

In a recent press release, it has been announced that U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood has awarded $186 million to be used for high-speed rail in the Midwest.  The money will be given to the Illinois Department of Transportation, in hopes of reducing travel times and creating jobs.  According to Lahood, “the Department of Transportation’s investment of more than $1 billion in the region’s high-speed rail service will reduce trip times and save travelers money, resulting in reduced congestion for the region and making the Midwest a better place to start a business and create jobs.”  The funds will be used to extend the Midwest’s high-speed rail corridor north to Joliet and will feature 110-mph service along a majority of the route.  Construction on the northern phase of the project will begin this spring and will accompany the Chicago- St. Louis corridor already in the works.

2012 will be a tough year for high-speed rail funding, which makes USDOT’s award to the Midwest great news.  The northern section of the Midwest’s high-speed corridor will play a pivotal role in connecting the 100 million people in the Midwest region.  The $186 million will be used to create jobs this year, but it will have a positive effect on the Midwest for decades to come.


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