Union Pacific Coal Train Derails

Over the weekend, a freight train carrying coal through the state of Iowa derailed.  Miraculously, there were no major injuries.

The train is owned and operated by Union Pacific and they have been working around the clock to clean up the mess.  The cause of the derailment is still unknown and even though no injuries resulted from the accident, Union Pacific will prioritize investigating the cause of the accident.

Of course this Union Pacific derailment does not rival the damage caused by the 2004 train derailment in Texas.    You may recall that the crash unleashed harmful chemicals causing several people to be hospitalized for chemical exposure.

So, while this recent Iowa coal train doesn’t seem to be something that will cause a ton of damage or setback- these freight train derailments are of grave concern.  Communities which have freight trains running directly through them need to stay alert and aware because these freight trains often carry substances which are much more dangerous and toxic than the coal which spilled out after the recent Iowa derailment.




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