Train From Vegas to LA In The Works

Commuters who have sat in awful traffic on the 15 headed between Las Vegas and LA may be in for a great surprise. A party train may be springing up at the end of 2013 to connect the two popular destinations.

The train would serve a big market – as many Southern Californians head to Las Vegas for a weekend getaway. And while the drive is under 300 miles – since there is one main road – it can be loaded with traffic. The train would not only eliminate traffic but could also allow for a fun experience while getting from LA to Vegas and back.

It would clearly be an expensive project – but it is one that many people in LA area have longed for. A drive to Vegas can be done in under 5 hours however if you try and make the drive on a Friday afternoon – it could take over 7 or 8 hours. And we all know it is not fun to drive while stuck in bumper to bumper traffic – so this train, which is reported to have televisions and reclining chairs – sound pretty awesome.


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