Seattle Mudslide Affects Rail Service

The Seattle times has reported that a mudslide hit downtown Seattle early Friday morning and will stop passenger rail service in the city until Sunday. The mudslide has affected the Sounder rail service from Everett and the Amtrak service from Seattle north. The area experienced heavy rains the last few days and the result was a mudslide that covered 50 feet of track. The heavy mudslide, near Alaskan Way, was four feet deep before crews set out to clear the tracks. Passenger rail policy states that service cannot resume until 48 afters the tracks have been cleared. This is reportedly the largest mudslide to hit the Seattle area in a decade.

It’s unfortunate that the mudslide put a stop to passenger rail service, affecting Friday morning commuters. Luckily, the clean up process and 48 hour waiting period will be over before the start of the working week on Monday. Mudslides can be dangerous natural disasters, so it is also great to hear that no one was hurt.


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