Safety Precautions Taken For Chinese New Year Travelers

As the peak travel season of the Spring Festival in China approaches, most passengers are worried about booking their seats on crowded trains.  Tens of millions of travelers are expected to head home for the most important Chinese holiday on January 23, Chinese New Year.  However, the Shanghai Railway Bureau and Preventative Medical Association are more concerned about disease control.  This year, the associations are sponsoring a program called Health Chunyun that aims to ensure public health despite the busy season.

Special teams will be available at the stations to give disinfectants to passengers.  Pamphlets with tips on staying healthy will also be distributed at the stations.  Officials say washing hands is the most important and effective way to prevent illness, so rail stations will provide hand sanitizer bottles in the restrooms.  Finally, warning signs will be posted as a reminder to keep customers healthy and informed.


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