Vintage Mid-Atlantic Steam

For your viewing enjoyment, we would like to present these rare color slides of steam in action! It was very difficult to shoot color, as film speeds were lower back then, and preservation of the color became difficult due to the volatile nature of the chemical dyes. Please enjoy this random assortment of mid-Atlantic freight and passenger units. If you can identify the location or trains (class number, etc.) in the picture, please feel free to drop us a line! All photos are from the collection of Josh Weis.

B&O #5306, 4-8-2
Chicago, IL
February 18, 1956

B&O #7629, 2-8-8-4
Painesville, OH
September 2, 1956

B&O #5309, 4-6-2, "The Wheeling Local"
Chicago, IL
August 11, 1956

NKP #956

NKP #742, 2-8-4
Fort Wayne, IN
March 1958

NYC #5406, 4-6-4 Hudson
NYC #7912, 0-8-0

Kankakee, IL
December 1, 1955

NYC #2725, 4-8-2
Croton-Harmon, NY
July 1949

NYC #4706, 4-6-2
Albany, NY
July 1949

VGN #906, 2-6-6-6
Princeton, WV
October 16, 1958