An ongoing gallery of people out safely enjoying the hobby.
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Submitted by Michael C. Smith:
"My daughter Kayla and I stopped by the main shops of the Livonia, Avon & Lakeville Railroad on the first Monday after school let out. We got this shot of ex-NYSW Alco C-430 #3006 in the storage line outside the shop at Lakeville, New York. Kayla loves trains almost as much as me, but she hates to run toy trains, she says she prefers to operate our home layout "like a real railroad." When I was her age, I was all about crashing 'em into each other!
Submitted by Michael Huhn:
This photo is of a group of young railfans posing in front of Strasburg Railroad's ex- N&W 4-8-0 #475.

From left to right:
John Reuter, Ben Sisson, Chris Signorelli (Moderator, General Discussion: Clubs, Museums and Tourist Lines Forum), his brother Jeremy, and myself. Photo by my father, Carl Huhn on November 6, 2004.
Submitted by Daniel Syrcher:
Here's a picture of me walking off the car I slept in at the The Station Restaurant and Sleeping Cars located at the old Lehigh Valley station in Ithaca, New York. You can actually sleep in old railroad cars! September 1, 2003.
Submitted by Mike DiMunno:
"This photo is of David Halbert (New Jersey Railfan Forum moderator), observing the passage of light Norfolk Southern locomotives on their way to Palermo, running under symbol CA-20 at Tuckahoe, NJ. Photo by myself, Mike DiMunno on June 24, 2003.
Submitted by Stephen Bradley:
This picture, taken on June 29, 2003, is of me and my son Nash at the SEPTA commuter station in Glenolden, PA. A Norfolk Southern freight passes on the Northeast Corridor, also shared by Amtrak. The photo was taken by our friend Anthony Paci.
Submitted by Jerry Sliker:
Knox & Kane's GP-9 leads a train thru Game Farm, PA, in -10 degree weather Jan. 30, 2003 (that's Jerry behind the tripod). Photo by Floyd Galbraith
Submitted by Jerry Sliker:
Knox & Kane's #58 passes the station at Lucinda,Pa., Nov. 2, 2002 as two young railfans watch. Photo by Floyd Galbraith
Submitted by Dave Honan:
This photo was taken at Woodland Jct., IL. Ken Buckman (of Broken Knuckle Video Productions) and I toured the northern half of Illinois in early June, 2003. I took this candid of him looking north to watch the power of UP train ACIPR-02, as his video camera records the passage of the movement. June 5, 2003
Submitted by Dave Honan:
I took this at the famous Tehachapi Loop in California. During the summer of 2003, my friend Lou Capwell and I went on an 8,000-mile road trip to see the country, break in his new car, and, to railfan as much of the West as possible. Lou is hiding in the shadows at the bottom of the photo, observing a very long BNSF train 739 North wind through the famous Loop. June 28, 2003
Submitted by Nick Wilson:
Peter Maurath (left), and Nick Wilson (right) are caught railfanning in Bergen, New York, along the busy CSX Chicago Line. Photo by Chris Burchett.
Submitted by Otto Vondrak:
"My friends Sam Swisher, Mike Smith (in background), and his wife Jen went out chasing one of the first Western New York & Niagara excursions from Brockport to Lockport. This was shot from the passing train by a friend of Mike's, Lee Wood. This is along the Falls Road Railroad in Albion, New York."
Submitted by Joe Hughes:
"My beloved wife took this picture of me in Bono, Arkansas, on March 28, 2003. According to my railroader friends, all railfans exist on a diet of Moon Pies and Yoo-Hoo. So when Lisa and I saw this BNSF stack train stopped in beautiful downtown Bono, I bought a Moon Pie at the local convenience store and posed for this lovely picture. The hogger poked his head out the window to ask what we were up to, and we all had a nice chat for a few minutes."
Submitted by Jerry Sliker:
"Here is a pic of the first run of 40T on the Southern Tier Line in September. Photo location is in the Dale Valley near West Middlebury, NY. The videographer is me shooting for a Southern Tier Line video. The photographer was Floyd Galbraith, a gentleman who shoots 35 mm while I shoot the video. Some of his shots are on my video covers."
Chris Vitz and his son and railfan buddy John Henry enjoying the last freight run to Slate Hill, NY on the Middletown & New Jersey Railroad on June 29, 2002.
Submitted by Joe Lupinacci:
"This was taken in August 2002 at the junction in Palmer, Mass. My wife and I were on vacation (not a railfan trip), but my loving wife puts up with a bit of railfanning during our trips. On this particular day we had been at Palmer for about 3 hours when this photo was taken. Her face says it all. Needless to say we didn't stick around that much longer after the photo was taken."
Submitted by Bob Vogel:
"The photo was taken (March 3, 1972), developed, and printed by the late E. Lee Haltermann. We were both taking Super 8 movies and 35 mm slides of the colorful Amtrak trains of the day, which routinely included UP sleepers on Florida trains and NH coaches. Lee took both slides and black-and-white prints. We were all grad students (chemistry) at Penn, so we frequented the South Street bridge. Mike and I (facing camera) are still avid railfans."
Submitted by Leonard F. Shaner Jr. of Pottstown, Pa.:
"This is at Abrams Yard, Pa. on the ex-RDG main line (now Norfolk Southern). This picture was taken by my friend Mr. John R. Woodland Jr. in 1999. We had permission to tour the engine storage tracks. My friend John has been going down to Abrams Yard for years, every body knows him there. The Engine crew calls him "The Number Guy " He writes down all the locomotive numbers and other car numbers too. We always think "safety" where ever we go."