Spirit of 1976 - Bicentennial Locomotives

In 1976 the United States celebrated its Bicentennial year. Many of our railroads repainted locomotives, cabooses and rolling stock to commenorate the big event. We have put together a small collection of images from that period.

Conrail GG-1 #4800
Harrisburg, PA
Photo by Bob Vogel, September 5, 1976

Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe SD45-2 #5703
Emporia, Kansas
Photo by Glenn Anderson, 1977

Burlington Northern SD-40 #1876
Chicago, Illinois.
Photo by George Elwood, 1976

Belt Railway of Chicago SW1500 #534
Chicago, Illinois
Photo by George Elwood, 1976

Chicago & North Western GP-18 #1776
Adams, Wisconsin
Photo by Joe Stauber, 1975

Delaware & Hudson RS-3m #1976
Chicago, Illinois
Photo by George Elwood, 1976

Detroit Toledo & Ironton GP-38 #1776
Windsor, Ontario
Photo by Kenn Annett, 1975

Durham & Southern GP38-2 #2000
Fuguay Springs, North Carolina
Photo by "unknown", 1975

Grand Trunk Western GP-38 #1776
Chicago, Illinois
Photo by George Elwood, 1976

Hercules SW-? # 77
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Photo by J. L. Hunt, 1980

Illinois Central Gulf GP-38 #1776
Conniff Railroadiana, 1975

Indiana Harbor Belt #1976
Chicago, Illinois
Photo by R.P. Campbell, 1976

Island Terminal #603
Memphis, Tennesee
Photo by Walter Matuch, 1975

Missouri Pacific GP-18 #1776
N. Little Rock, Arknsas
Photo by J.H. Wilson, 1976

Norfolk & Western SD-45 #1776
Chicago, Illinois
Photo by George Elwood, 1976

Pittsburg & Shawmut SW-9 #1776
Brookville, Pennsylvania
Photo by Jim Marcus, 1975

SOO GP-35 #1776
Chicago, Illinois
Photo by George Elwood, 1976

South Buffalo Railway Alco S2 #76
Photo by Bill Dechau, 1976

Southern Pacific GP40P-2 #3197
San Francisco, California
Photo by Michael Reid, 1981

Southern Pacific U25B #6800
Tucson, Arizona
Photo by Glenn Anderson, 1976

Toledo, Peoria & Western GP-30 #700
East Peroria, Illinois
Photo by unkown, 1976

Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis SW-1200 #1207
St. Louis, Missouri
Photo by James Claflin, 1976

Union Railroad MP15 #17
Photo by David Hamley, 1975

Western Pacific GP40 #1776
Salt Lake City, Utah.
Photo by RR Harmen, 1976
Yankeetown Dock Corp SD38 #1976
Photo by J.L. Jeffery, 1976