On a Christmas Day – The Best Friend of Charleston Inspried Many

Christmas day marks the 181 year anniversary of the Best Friend of Charleston. The best friend of Charleston was a passenger train – the first ever railroad locomotive train built in the United States.

On Christmas day in 1830 – this railroad locomotive ran for the first time. It would be used as a passenger railroad service along a six mile route in Charleston, South Carolina.

At the time it debuted – this locomotive train was the fastest mode of transport available in the country. The train reached speeds of 25 miles per hour, and in the early 1830’s – no other means of travel could approach this speed.

Unfortunately, the Best Friend of Charleston had a tragic accident in June of 1981. A boiler exploded injuring three crew members severely. Pieces of the Best Friend were used for construction in another project, but the Best Friend was retired forever.

However, it still today is remembered as it was a true Railroad breakthrough for this country.

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In the new year – we will continue to highlight historical railroad events on the date they happened in history.


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