North American Rail Shippers Meeting

According to a recent marketwatch.com press release, the North American Rail Shippers (NARS) will meet from May 23-25 at the Chicago InterContinental Hotel.  The meeting will feature speakers that currently hold leadership positions in several different sectors of the railroad shipping industry, including: Association of American Railroads/CSX Chairman Michael Ward; USG Corporation CEO, president and chairman James S. Metcalf; and U.S. Surface Transportation Board Chairman Daniel R. Elliot.  One of the meeting’s most intriguing features is the Railroad Chief Marketing Officer Forum, which will be moderated by the president and CEO of the Association of American Railroads, Ed Hamberger.  Other rail shipping issues, such as rail equipment, the environment and legislation, will be discussed in panels throughout the three-day conference.

In addition to hosting the meeting, the city of Chicago will also present the audience with highlights of the $3 billion Chicago Region Environmental and Transportation Efficiency Program (CREATE).  CREATE includes over 70 flyover, realignment, signaling and grade crossing projects.

The NARS meeting has a great deal to offer to those involved in the rail shipping industry.  The meeting features some of the most important names in railroad shipping and more importantly, will allow the audience to have an open dialogue with some of these figures.  The success of railroad shipping depends on cooperation and this event is a great example of how NARS is helping to create a cooperative and cohesive rail shipping industry.



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ALAN R POST March 22, 2012 at 10:34 am

Would like to attend. J D 72 and BBA public
utilities and transportation 70 both at Wisconsin-
Madison . Now live in Springfield, IL area.
Former attorney with ICC, UP, BN, Il Bell,
AmerenCIPS, Kansas Gas & Electric, Sedgwick
(Wichita) County, KS and many families with
members with Disabilities . KS Atty 15510 , also
DC and Maryland. IL ARDC 6188836 retired
in good standing. RR, ADA and Special Ed
consultant. RR historian and photographer.May
I come?

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