Norfolk Southern Releases Smartphone App

According to a Norfolk Southern press release, the freight railroad has released a new smartphone app.  The app, which will be free to any smartphone user, will have three main features: the news section, the stocks section and the media section.  The news section will connect users directly to the railroad’s news releases in addition to Norfolk Southern’s Facebook and Twitter pages.  The Stocks section will feature the most up to date stock prices to cater to investors and potential investors.  The media section will offer photos and videos of locomotives, people, scenery and other railroad related items.  The app also provides users with general company info under the “About Us section and a list of telephone numbers under the “contact Us section. Another side feature of the app is a “TimeLine” section which features all of the company’s major accomplishments dating back to 1827.  The Norfolk Southern smartphone app is the brainchild of Norfolk Southern employees and the RP3 Agency advertising firm. The assistant vice president  of Norfolk Southern’s corporate communications is very excited about the app, “This puts NS information into the palm of the hand…It’s available wherever there is a mobile signal, and it doesn’t hurt that its free and easy to use.”

According to the press release, the app is available for iPhone and will be made available to Droid users within the next few weeks.  App users can find it by searching one of several terms: Norfolk souther, trains, locomotives, infrastructure, freight rail, commercial freight, railroad, rail safety, Thoroughbred, and One Line.

It is not common for a freight rail company to go to such great lengths to connect with the general public on this level and on these merits alone, the Norfolk Southern App is a great piece of PR, more importantly however; the app is actually useful.   It positive to see that Norfolk Southern is catering to the technological habits of their customers and investors.  The app has potential to be very useful, especially for those interested in Norfolk Southern stocks.  Even people who do not have any personal financial interest in the company,  the app can also be used as a way to judge the general health of the freight transportation market.  The app also caters to the railroad enthusiast by providing pictures and videos of locomotives.  Hopefully other rail companies will follow the example set by Norfolk Southern and attempt to provide a free, interesting app for the general public as well.  For those invested in Norfolk Southern or those who simply have a fondness for railroads, the free Norfolk Southern app may be worth the download.


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