New Jersey Transit Working Around The Clock After Irene

Hurricane Irene made landfall on Saturday, August 27th, and then made its way up the eastern seaboard.  While many in New York City and Boston feared major disaster – fortunately it seems that the hurricane wasn’t as bad as many had predicted.

However, one state that was hit pretty hard was New Jersey.  Residents throughout New Jersey felt Irene’s furor and they are just now picking up the pieces to try and get back to life as normal.  New Jersey Transit for one, is continuing to work hard to try and restore its passenger rail service across The Garden State.

The popular Northeast corridor route between New Brunswick Station and New York City are expected to be running right now.  However, other routes, such as any originating from Trenton are still not running.  Trenton has experienced ongoing flooding and the capitol of New Jersey hasn’t been able to return to business as usual.

Other lines, such as North Jersey Coast and Raritan Valley Line are operating but delays are still expected.   One option for commuters of course is the New Jersey transit bus service which has not been impacted as severely as the NJ Transit trains.

Overall, it is encouraging to see the quick turn around that New Jersey transit has made. Last week at this time, people would have predicted much more serious delays and shut downs by New Jersey transit.  However, Irene didn’t hit as hard as some of the experts said it would.  Furthermore, NJ transit has made an impressive effort to work hard and restore service as quickly as it could.

On Sunday, video footage of an empty Penn Station was eerie and a sight I never thought I’d see.  However, within the next few days, I expect over 80% of trains to be running normally across the Northeast.  At that time, Penn Station will once again be back to the crowded, lively, and high paced environment that we usually see.



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