More Trains for Brooklyn’s L Line

As reported by the New York Times, commuters on Brooklyn’s bustling L line will be pleased to learn that nearly 100 additional trains a week will be added to the line as of June 10.  The most notable increase will be witnessed by weekday commuters with a total of 16 trains added each day of the work week.  Weekend travels will also be eased with 11 additional trains on Saturdays and seven more on Sundays.  MTA has announced that the increase in L train services translates to trains every 3 minutes during rush hour, which reduces the interval by about 30 seconds.  Train arrival will come down a minute and half during non-peak travel times and weekends.

The MTA’s increase in L train services comes after a study discovered that ridership on the line has increased three times faster than the rest of the subway system and weekend L train ridership increased 141%.  These increases have resulted in overcrowded trains with rush hour trains sometimes averaging more than 110% stated capacity.  The additional trains will come at the cost of $1.7 million to MTA.

While many continue to downplay the necessity for passenger rail spending, the situation on Brooklyn’s L line is a clear example of the growing rate at which Americans depend on commuter rail and subway systems.  More trains will translate into better riding conditions and happier passengers.  New York City’s transit system caters to more passengers than any system in the country and it is good to see that they are using their resources where they are most needed.


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