Model Railroad Club Inspires Appreciation For Railroad History

The Roundhouse Inc. Model Railroad club in St. James, Minnesota, uses model railroads to educate visitors about the impact railroad travel had on the formation of the United States.  The city of St. James started out as just a pit stop for trains to replenish water supplies on their way to Minneapolis.  Built and established only because of this rail traffic, the city’s history is deeply rooted in the history of the railroads.

Dale Hedlund, the current president of Roundhouse Inc. Model railroad club, wants visitors to remember the past and appreciate the way things used to be.  In order to achieve this goal, the club meets every Thursday and Saturday to build elaborate model train displays.  Kids are encouraged to visit the club and to play with these models of lifelike towns.  The interactive displays bring back fond memories and inspire awe for a technology that is often taken for granted.  With these works of art, Hedlund told KeyC TV, “Hopefully they can appreciate what the Railroads do, the kind of influence they have on current life, the kind of influence they have on recent history.”  For more information on the club or the collection, visit the Roundhouse Inc. website.

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