Metro Adds Ten Bicycle Cars to Accomodate Cyclists

In an attempt to increase ridership, Metrolink has added 10 bicycle cars on to their regular service. Although trains were already outfitted with bike storage, the cars only had spots for two bikes per car. In the past, Metrolink has had to turn away passengers who bring their bikes with them because of the lack of storage space.

After numerous complaints, Metrolink finally developed a solution to accommodate their passengers Рcrews removed 29 passenger seats on the bottom level of ten cars to make more space for bicycles. Each car can now hold between 18-24 bicycles as opposed to just two. To measure the community’s response to the change, Metrolink tested two cars in August, giving bicyclists rides from the Inland Empire to San Clemente Beach. Because the response was so positive, Metrolink proceeded to transform another eight cars into bike-friendly ones.

These new bicycle cars are located at the High Street station, where passengers can identify them by simply finding the cars with the yellow decal on the outside. After doing so, simply board the train, store your bike, and take a seat until you reach your stop. And according to Southern California Public Radio, based on the response and popularity of this change over time, Metrolink plans to add more bicycle cars to other routes across Los Angeles County.


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