Light-Rail Crime In Clackamas County Upsets Residents

The occurrence of three crime incidents in Clackamas County over the last three weeks is sparking debate over whether the possible addition of the Milwaukie light rail will create even more of a public safety hazard.  The first incident, on December 6th, occurred when a 14 year old high school student was assaulted by three women on a Green Line MAX train.  On January 11th, another 15 year old high school student was attacked by a motorist when he was walking to a MAX station in the Rose Quarter.  Most recently, on January 12th, a mother and daughter pair were arrested for punching two passengers on a TriMet bus.  Over the past year, TriMet statistics reported 471 crimes, with 77 of the crimes being misdemeanor and felony assaults.

Opponents of the construction of the Milwaukie line argue that crime will only continue to increase since crime increased 12% annually with the construction of the Green Line.  TriMet officials say they are making changes soon, but they will not discuss specific issues or changes with the public.  To read a full report on the incidents, refer to the Clackamas Review article.



Jason McHuff January 18, 2012 at 10:33 pm

I’m not sure any of those incidents actually happened in Clackamas County.

Sam Martland January 19, 2012 at 7:30 am

Thanks for this article.

Public transit attracts pedestrians. These numbers don’t necessarily mean the places along the green line have gotten more dangerous. If 12% more people are walking around, riding the train, etc., and there are 12% more crimes against people walking around, riding the train, etc. then the place is exactly as dangerous as it was before (but a little tougher for the police). If 50% more people are walking around, riding the train, etc., and there are 12% more crimes against them, then the places are actually safer (which would make sense if there are more people around). If burglaries are up, then the green line put residents in more danger. I hope someone dealing with transit opponents will figure out what’s really going on.

NJD January 20, 2012 at 7:35 pm

Please note that only one of the incidents mentioned in the story was on a train, the other two were from a motorist on a pedestrian and another was on a bus. This article is another in a series from that news publisher that pushes the fabricated notion that lightrail increases crime rates near stations. There have been several studies on Portland’s lightrail system and crime; none of them concluded any correlation with an increase in crime relating to a new station. Some stations actually had a decrease in crime, and others had more arrests, and therefore statistics, due to ‘eyes on the street.’

Frank January 29, 2012 at 6:10 pm

That is really reaching to try to tie crime to mass transit.Maybe we should ban cars.Driveby shootings,robbery getaways,cross country crime sprees.Cars are used by some bad people.Bonnie and Clyde…………….

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