John Davis Trucking Countersuing Amtrak

On June 24th of this year, an Amtrak Train headed from Chicago to San Francisco was involved in a deadly accident.   Six people were killed and dozens others were injured in the crash.

The accident occurred in Reno, Nevada when a truck driver crashed through the crossing gates and into an Amtrak car.  The truck driver was killed as were passengers aboard the Amtrak train.  Amtrak had already filed a lawsuit against John Davis trucking and now the trucking company has countered.

So, while Amtrak has said that the trucking company should have better trained its drivers, the trucking company feels that this accident was clearly not the fault of its drivers.  The trucking company feels that Amtrak did not do its job to properly warn drivers of the oncoming train.

This lawsuit is sure to drag on for a very long time, especially since deaths are involved and Union Pacific also is involved in the lawsuit.  It is very sad that a debate over the truck driver’s training and performance could make its way into the case.  There may be no way to avoid it, however, for the family of the truck driver, the lawsuit could make it more difficult for them to move on.

And as we always bring up when Amtrak is involved in a crash, those who are big proponents of high-speed rail need to take notice of accidents such as these.  When trains get up to the speeds that many hope that they can – they are going to become all the more dangerous.  And especially along the Northeast corridor, there will be many crossings which could pose serious danger.  So, this crash and all others must be carefully analyzed and scrutinized in terms of the safety of the crossing so that all crossings along the high-speed rail are of the utmost safety.


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