HOTSPOT- Butler, Indiana

Butler, Indiana, located in the northeastern corner of the Hoosier State along U.S. 6, is a great train-watching location. Not as renowned as Wellsboro or Elkart, Butler has two busy mainlines crossing at a severe angle that is accessible without being apprehended for tresspassing.

Norfolk Southern’s Detroit-Kansas City mainline crosses their ex-Conrail Chicago Line, once NYC’s Water Level Route. All types of freights can be seen here, as well as Amtrak’s Lake Shore and Capitol Limited. Right before the Conrail break-up in 1999, a connecting track was installed on the southeast quadrant, and another was placed on the northwest quadrant to enable trains from Chicago to reach Detroit.

I have visited this town many times between 1996 and 2004. The power has changed but the action is still there! A local street crosses NS just south of the diamond to provide easy access. U.S. 6 itself is one of the best train-watching highways in the U.S. If you are in this area, Butler is worth a stop.


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