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Postby jaymac » Fri Jul 13, 2018 6:18 am

0350-0600/07-13-2018 didn't add any evidence of ill-fortune to Fridays that are the 13th. The earlier-than-usual timeframe? A crew was scheduled for an 0700 arrival at Château-Jaymaque, so early departure was made for an early return.
D-3 rewarded my early departure by letting Q426 know that the PAR crew was sitting at New Bond Street and waiting for them. At 0407 began the reception of a number of POED transmissions -- car countdowns and 3-steps -- that would continue. There will be more about POED later.
At 0420, Wachusett showed a Clear on the 333 1 WL and -- again -- a marker on WB racks about150 yards west on racks sitting on 2. The west wasn't getting any louder, so it was over to 334 were the ELs and 1 stagger were at Stop, and solo NS 4058 -- my first sighting of one of those rebuilds -- was sitting dark on the racks. Again, the west was quiet, and a couple later, the 335 ELs were dark. so no EB seemed soon likely.
Up Da Hill, there was general on Yard 4, general that included MT centerbeams plus 3 racks to the east on Yard 2, and racks to the west on Yard 1. In a break with past practice, the Extension was MT. The only entries for this Friday's Sameoldsameold Ledger were the 345 and 346 signals and untucked stone on the Heywood. At 0449, Parkers was MT and the 346 WL dark, prompting the trip-flip. On the way, D-3 issued Form D G-301, Line 2ing Burncoat to MP X25 to the previously mentioned Q426/SEPO. Of particular interest was the power -- CSXT 977, so no Greendale power-swap this time. There will be more later about SEPO.
Back down Da Hill, the 335 ELs were dark, and at 0508, the 333 WLs were all at Stop, 400 well east, but the WB racks still in place. Further east, the 330.8 WBs were both at Clear. At 0513, there was a Zombiefied D-3 to someone one about the rest of their power, but there was nothing -- Zombiefied or otherwise -- from the 40.2 on or near 400's time. The 330 and GL WLs were at Stop, and the FG WLs dark, and at 0519, D-3 told someone it was OK to go west from Moores and that it would be a straight shot from there. At 0521, OldPaint 353 was sitting on the east of 4 boxes -- including 2 CSXTs -- on West Side. Dunno if they had come back from Otter River. The old layover still held the regulator and spiker. At 0528, there was a badly-broken report from the 40.2, track not heard and total axles ?2[l]3[/i], prompting a decision to invest time at North Leominster, where the EB staggers for Derby showed Approach for 1 and Stop for 2. There was another burst of garble from the 40.2 at 0532, only the ID being intelligible. In a display of the the determinacy of topography on UHF High-Band propagation, a minute earlier, the 7.8 talker -- double-digit miles to the southeast -- announced that it was checking train. At 0539, the 7.8 gave out a no defects and transmission over, so even though iI had been on the wrong side of the Temple Street/Rte. 140 MP X7.8 crossing, I wasn't and wouldn't be stuck at the protection. T wrap ups SEPO entries, at 0548, D-3 said it had been decided to recrew them, asked where they were, and then proposed Clinton. If there were subsequent changes, they woulda happened after I stopped listening.
In a bit, brightiewhities showed up by the EB staggers and KCIRs 7561 and 7545 -- the same pair shown in Hayden Logan's of 07-12 at CPF-HA waiting for 219 -- got 49 west of North Leominster at 0541. There were MT slurries, MT centerbeams and bulkheads, one Twin Rivers and a few Irving centerbeams, boxes that included a Smurf, full-size covered hoppers, and 1 MT table.
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