MTA Metro-North Railroad Hiring Process

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Re: MTA Metro-North Railroad Hiring Process

Postby Lauriaj » Thu Apr 12, 2018 5:43 pm

Good Afternoon everyone. I have some questions regarding employment with the MTA Metro North Railroad. I been applying for several years (around 2010 or 2011). I know from previous threads, that someone asked about the “my application status”. My question is that some of my applications have a pass pre-screening which I applied to several years ago. I’m wondering if anyone would be able to give me more information?

The second question is that in all the years that I been applying, I never heard anything one way or another whether I would proceed in hiring process or was rejected. My late father, with whom I share the same first and last name and mailing address was employed with the MTA Metro North until his death in 2012. From time to time, I receive information with regards to benefits. My question, is there a possibility that my application is being mistaken for my late father or even a current employee ( as I indicate in the application that I’m not a current employee).

Thank you in advance for all your help
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Re: MTA Metro-North Railroad Hiring Process

Postby csamperi » Tue May 01, 2018 1:24 pm

** Lauriaj** I have been applying for 8 years and just recently finally got an email for an interview.I also thought maybe i was getting mixed up with my 2 brother.One is a conductor and the other works for the port authority who happens to have some negative things on his background.I say hang in there or keep calling the MTA Bussiness Service line to get answers.

So for me,i was just notified about scheduling an interview for T&S Tinsmith.I have a few questions.What does “T&S” stand for? This position is considered a “sheetmetal/tinsmith” position,so i just figured thats what T&S stood for or is that incorrect? Also,with this position does anyone happen to know or know anyone who has been through the interview and practical testing? Im sure i can figure out the interview,but was hoping to get ahead of the game and find out what is actually involved in the practical skills test for sheetmetal worker/tinsmith.Anything would help! Thanks everyone!
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Re: MTA Metro-North Railroad Hiring Process

Postby csamperi » Sun May 06, 2018 8:22 am

Any TINSMITHS out there for track and structures?? I have my interview/practical coming up in 2 weeks and looking to find out what i should expect.Thanks!
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Re: MTA Metro-North Railroad Hiring Process

Postby Bgunn17 » Sun May 20, 2018 7:01 am

Hello everyone. I was fortunate enough to have been invited to take the Conductor exam for MNR. I 100% know I nailed everything I needed to study for as far as terms and indications, however, I wasn’t able to finish the math portion in time. Will this disqualify me from consideration? Like I said, everything else I know I did really well on. Thanks for the input.
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