LA Metro renaming its lines from colors to letters

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LA Metro renaming its lines from colors to letters

Postby lpetrich » Fri Jan 11, 2019 10:48 pm

New Metro staff report on transit line renaming | The Source (2018 Sep 14)
Metro Once Again Considers Renaming Rail and BRT Lines | Urbanize LA (2018 Sep 17)
What will Metro call its new train lines? - Curbed LA (2018 Sep 18)
Metro Moves Ahead with Changes to How They Name Rail/BRT – Streetsblog Los Angeles (2018 Nov 20)
LA Metro to give train lines letter names - Curbed LA (2018 Dec 7)
Because they’re out of colors, LA Metro will rename all its train lines and rapid busways with letters in 2019 – Daily News (2018 Dec 13)

Because they have run out of easily-distinguished colors, and because numbers could be easily confused with platform numbers, bus numbers, and highway numbers. Here are some likely renamings:
  • Blue Line, northern Gold Line: A Line
  • Red Line: B Line
  • Part of Green Line: C Line
  • Purple Line: D Line
  • Expo Line, eastern Gold Line: E Line
  • Orange Line: F Line
  • Silver Line to South Bay: G Line
  • Crenshaw/LAX, part of Green Line: J Line
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Re: LA Metro renaming its lines from colors to letters

Postby lensovet » Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:07 am

i get why new york uses A-Z plus 1-9. They have that many lines.

LA though? Awful. Presumably they will still have individual colors, so it's not like the colors are going away. They could also use normal names like "Crenshaw Line".
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