Should BN Have Merged With SP, Instead of AT&SF?

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Should BN Have Merged With SP, Instead of AT&SF?

Postby Engineer Spike » Sun Sep 02, 2018 11:39 pm

I have been thinking about the BNSF merger, and wonder if SP would have been a better fit. We all know that Santa Fe was well maintained, where as SP was very threadbare. Santa Fe also had a very substantial intermodal franchise, as BN did too, on its northern tier corridor.

Let me explain my rationale for SP, and you can let me know what you think. First, the Santa Fe merger left BNSF with some big holes in its system, where UP-SP ended up with multiple lines. One is the central corridor, where UP has the traditional UP/SP route, and the Rio Grande/WP. The other hole is in eastern Texas, and also Louisiana. If BN had bought SP, it would have had a central route of its own (they got trackage rights in UP/SP merger). The Cotton Belt would have bolstered and extended what was gained in the Frisco merger. I also think that both SP, and BN were more geared to bulk trains. This doesn’t mean that either was a slacker in intermodal, as I pointed out about the BN business. SP had the Sunset Route intermodal.

SP/BN would have had a great route, which paralleled Santa Fe, with the Golden State Route, and the CB&Q. SP would also be able to expand east, by connecting to the Q in Denver.
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