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[ASK]Question from IRF to USARF

Postby Ronal U18C Indonesia » Thu Aug 09, 2018 10:38 am

Actually I am curious about American railways, from the locomotives to the signaling, so therefore, to all of you railfans, I ask the following question to find out more about American railroad science
1. Why're all passenger locomotives and freight transportation positioned shorthood(1)
even though there're those who don't even have a longhood "wing" still positioned shorthood(2)
do all companies use thesame numbering, namely nominal tens to thousands of why not coded themselves like in Indonesia(3)
do all locomotives in all companies use horns more than 2 tones even though in Indonesia using more than 2 tones is prohibited, especiallywhen the DoReMi sounds like in Japan(4)
all single cabin type locomotives(5)
2. The point is what lights flicker under the cowhanger
3. Like the most dusty American country, to the extent that there are several types of locomotives there're "wings"in the longhood section
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