Possible to trade primary recall?

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Possible to trade primary recall?

Postby philofab » Tue Jul 24, 2018 5:12 pm

Is it possible to trade primary recall with BNSF?

I found a blog from a railroad wife that her husband hired on in Winslow, and then marked up and went to Needles. He was recalled later and then found a conductor in Winslow that had a primary recall of Needles and was somehow able to trade. I have no way of contacting either of them to follow up on this.

I recently cleared background and medical for Needles, CA primary recall only to be told the class was full. That class started two days ago so I think there is zero chance I will get a last minute call for it. I was however offered Winslow primary recall for October. I have no desire to move and my wife can not move without loosing a good job and also would have issues taking care of her father. Added to that we own a house here and I have zero interest in relocating. Being gone for 2.5 months for school is no big deal tho. That I can do. Also, two of my friends are in that Oct Winslow class so finding a room to rent / lodging is very likely possible and easy. They also applied to Needles and were told class was full, however they will be relocating.
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