INSIDE EMD Plant Tour Article Series Schedule

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INSIDE EMD Plant Tour Article Series Schedule

Postby PCook » Sun Jul 22, 2018 11:02 am

Part One of the INSIDE EMD plant tour article series was published in issue #218 of Railway & Locomotive Historical Society's RAILROAD HISTORY magazine in May, covering the building of the original EMD Plant One and the construction of EMD diesel engines in the 1970s-1980s.

Part Two of INSIDE EMD is scheduled for issue #219 of RAILROAD HISTORY, and will cover the building of DC and AC main generators and traction motors, the assembly of electrical cabinets, and the construction of other locomotive sub-assemblies and components in the 1970-1980 time frame. It will be published this fall.

Subsequent installments of the series will cover the assembly, testing, painting, and delivery of the locomotives and the demolition of the original EMD Plant One. The sequence and flow of the series of articles duplicates that of the INSIDE EMD plant tour PowerPoint program from which they were developed.

Magazines are available from R&LHS:

Then click the "publications" tabs.

RAILROAD HISTORY is printed primarily for the membership. The supply of additional copies of any issue is subject to demand, so they may not be available "later". The INSIDE EMD PowerPoint lecture program was originally toured in 2002-2007. I did railroad related "entertainment" programs (to use the NRHS description for them) for 45 years and stopped in 2010.

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