Shortlines vs Class 1

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Shortlines vs Class 1

Postby JCB » Tue Jul 10, 2018 5:19 pm

This is not about which one is better, but which one hires more frequently.

I first started out putting applications in for many Shortline RR's for like a year and not one ever emailed me back or called me for an assessment or interview. So I decided to try the Class 1's.

Back in April I put an app for NS and a few week later I took my assessment and was invited to a hiring sessions. I drove to Sheffield, Alabama from southeast, MO. It's 4 hrs away from me. I didn't get hired, but it was informational and helped me to see what they look for at least.

Then I got an interview with Canadian Pacific for Kansas City recently and so far haven't heard anything, but I did get an email basically saying they're still going through the process, I may or may not get hired.

I have an interview with BNSF next Tuesday which I hope I actually get because it's only a few hours from me in Centrailia, IL

Anyway, it seems either in the shortlines either people never quit or they're just picky, or the Class 1's juts have a high turnover, or just need people. Either way in my experience even though I'm not hired yet that the Shortlines are harder to get on than Class 1's.
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