Penn Station Questions...

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Penn Station Questions...

Postby cu29640 » Mon Jul 02, 2018 7:40 pm

(moved this thread from NY to Penn Central)

1) I was reviewing an old thread on the Penn Station demolition debris lying in the meadowlands. Per the attached famous photo...the scene would put the debris right south of the current Bergen Interlocking location...under a parking lot of a warehouse area. The large signal bridge in the photo is still present today.
Possibly the land was owned by Penn Central and the debris brought by truck. There are some very rare photos I am unable to locate of a kid playing on the statues and one can see trucks/bulldozers in the area.
Is any debris still present in the area? Did all of the ornate items get relocated?
2) The modern Penn Station has been renovated often. Where is the location of the early large ticket counter? Was it in the round entry room near the current enclosed waiting area?
Does anyone have pics of the "new" Penn Station 1966-70's?

**The photos are not mine and serve merely for reference. Though I find the debri photo one of monumental importance. Showcasing the view of the time...the lack of one ghostly image.

Penn Station Debris in Meadowlands 1968.JPG
Ruins of Penn Station East of Secaucus Jct. 1968.jpg
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