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My pride station

Postby Ronal U18C Indonesia » Sun Jun 10, 2018 1:40 am

It's my station pride, Sepanjang station, this station be on the altitude +9M fsl. This station have 4 tracks, main track in number 3 and turn track in number 4, 2 and 1, location of this station on KM 24+167 Surabaya Kota-Solo Balapan, train that serve is local train only, that's Dhoho and DRT of Kertosono, and crossess and persuasions. This station have 2 island platform and doesn't have canopy, infact, this station being inthe district doesn't inthe village, why I am proud? Because everyday I am made it spotting place
Main building
Train dispatcher room
Mosque, HM station room,toilet
Tickets box
Formerly this was a snack shop and drink in the days of the "Z"
Schedule list and prospective passengers who are looking at the schedule ... 6oag05.jpg
List of economic train fares, directions when an emergency occurs, place a charging device and a passenger who is looking at a list of rates ... 3yffxp.jpg
This ... I mean in my case andmy thread titled MY CULINARY ATTRACTION, Place to eat(restaurant), here i translate
First line
Fried : chiken;
Catfish with peanut sauce
Tempe penyet : the fried tempe Which is crushed half-crushed with sambal, Second line
Grilled : duck;
Toasted chiken
Urap-urap : Coconut Sambal stirred with boiled vegetables: 1. Leaf kenikir, 2. Sprouts, 3. Kale
Third line
Grilled : duck;
Pencok's sambal : sambal consisting of chili, tomato, sugar, salt mixed with long bean chunks
Wahana Daya Pertiwiku, Sahayata Seva Rakhateku, it's my hobbies Indonesia railfans

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